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What brands make the best induction ranges

Induction ranges are all the rage now. They are changing the way we cook. They are extremely energy-efficient due to their electromagnetic technology. The special electromagnetic field placed below the glass surface transmits heat directly to the cookware itself so no energy is wasted on heating the cooktop or the air around it.

This means not only lower energy bills but also faster cooking times. Induction ranges are loved by people who value their time. They are also much more sensitive to changes in burner settings. If you want your soup to start simmering rather than boiling, an induction range will be able to respond much more quickly.

They are also much safer than regular ranges. The glass surface doesn’t get as hot because it doesn’t transfer heat from the electromagnetic fields. And if you turn it on accidentally but do not put any cookware on top, the induction range will not get hot at all. This is a great feature if you have children in the house and need to keep the chances of accidental burns as low as possible.

These advantages make induction ranges superior to any acclaimed gas or electric stoves. The only drawback to buying an induction range is its price. The newest technology is often expensive and the same applies to cooking ranges. Most models often cost at least $2000 but due to the rising popularity of induction ranges, the prices are constantly going down.

The other costs come from specific cookware that has to be compatible with induction technology. Copper, aluminum, and glass pots and pans will not work with induction ranges because they don’t transfer heat from the magnetic fields below. Most iron and stainless cookware should be fine, although depending on its metal composition they can also block the magnetic field. The simplest way to check if your cookware is induction-compatible is by putting a piece of magnet to it. If it sticks then it will work with your new induction range. If you are unfortunate, you might have to purchase a whole new cookware set.

Nevertheless, due to its energy-efficiency, an induction range is a great investment for the future. The lower bills will offset the cost of the induction range in the long run.

Best induction range brands

Many home appliances makers have jumped on the bandwagon and released their own induction range models. Renowned brands such as Bosch, LG, Samsung, or GE Profile are offering induction ranges in their stores.

Another maker with a great induction range is Frigidaire. This US company with a history spanning over a hundred years has long been known for reliable appliances. The Frigidaire Induction Range offers all the benefits of induction technology as other brands. One thing that sets them apart is the Air Fry technology built into some of their models.

The Air Fry technology found in the oven of a Frigidaire Induction Range is a great way of healthily frying your food right in the oven without the use of large amounts of oil. The hot air circulates inside the oven and allows you to enjoy delicious home-made fried chicken without feeling guilty after.